LED Signal Lighting Units manufactured as per Railway Specification No. RDSO/SPN/153/2011 Rev. 4.1 can help the Railways to cut their operating costs dramatically. LED Signal Lighting Units, however, require very little maintenance, have a long service life and offer high availability.
. LED Signal Lighting Units are designed to suit the existing signal lighting circuits and mechanical fittings without any modifications. Therefore the interlocking system and proving mechanism remains unaltered.
. The LED Signal Lighting Units give reliable operation for period of more than ten years, practically without any maintenance and service.
. Red, Yellow, Green and Lunar White LED Lighting Units are designed to meet various signaling requirements.
Relay Railway Signals
Railway Signalling Railway Signalling Railway Signalling
Calling ON Signal Route Indicator Shunt Signal
Benefits of the system:-
. Negligible maintenance. Gives very low life-cycle cost.
. LED is a solid-state device, hence the LEDs are highly reliable (life 10 years approximately).
. The system is free from coloured glass lens breakage problem.
. Power consumption is less.
. Illumination does not vary with supply voltage.
. Shifting of colours is very slow.
. Illumination is higher.
. The signal remains useful when any individual LED fails as the array does not go blank.

Technical Details

The LED Signal Lighting Units comprise of Light Emitting Diode Arrays. The monochromatic light is emitted from a group of narrow angle LED Lamps. The LEDs used for this purpose, are highly precession in nature, very high life & illumination & colour stability. The LED arrays are protected against individual LEDs failure, to ensure glow of the array when single LED fails. The system is consisting of parallel architecture to provide very high reliability. The LED current is strictly controlled against any fluctuation of voltage or environmental parameters like temperature, humidity, vibration etc. Current controlling is done through an electronic unit called 'Current Regulator' kept in tandem with the Light Unit at the signal housing. This unit is responsible to control the individual LED current as well as to maintain the feed currents (AC/DC) within the specified limit. Therefore, it is totally compatible to the requirements of the railway signal proving circuits conforming to Fail Safe operation of the system as per CENELEC Standard Safety Integrity Level 4.

Current Regulator Major Features:-
Operating Voltage: 82.5V to 137.5V AC/DC
Operating Current: 140mA
Illumination at a distance 1.5m: 150Lux for Red & Green & 175Lux for Yellow
Operating Temperature: -10˚C to +70˚C
Railway Light Units

Integrated LED Main Signal as per Specification no. RDSO/SPN/199/2010 Rev 1.1

To simplify the application of LED Signals and improve reliability the Integrated LED Main Signals are developed. This is practically combining Current Regulater & Light Unit in one housing, keeping all the electrical, environment & Optical charecters unaltered. Presently it is being used in Railway System with full satisfaction of the Railway authority.

Brief Specification

Operating Voltage: 82.5V to 137.5V AC/DC
Operating Current: 140mA
Illumination at a distance 1.5m: 150Lux for Red & Green 175 Lux for Yellow
Operating Temperature: -10˚C to +70˚C
Integrated unit manufactured at Urban Engineering Association

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